Firearms policy

Firearms policy

Transportation of firearms and ammunition

The Aramex New Zealand Firearms Policy applies to all Aramex New Zealand Reginal Franchisees, Courier Franchisees and customers. The Firearms policy has been developed to manage the safe handling and transportation of firearms within our network.

Under section 73(a) of the Arms Act, couriers (carriers) are exempt from the requirements to hold a firearms licence when transporting firearms. The onus is on the customer (seller) to ensure they comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to the sale of firearms and associated products within New Zealand including confirmation that the buyer has a current firearms license.

As Firearms are potentially very dangerous all appropriate steps should be taken to transport them safely to prevent accidents and deter loss or theft. All firearms (including air rifles) must be declared at point of pick up so that the Aramex Firearms and Ammunition policy can be engaged.


For a customer to send a firearm through the Aramex network the following requirements will apply

  1. The sending customer must hold a current registered firearms dealer’s licence.
  2. The sending customer must complete a Firearms Authorised Shipper Form and be authorised by the Regional Franchisee as an authorised Firearms shipper. This will be renewed annually
  3. Aramex will only move Firearms between registered firearms dealers.
  4. All firearms must be consigned using the myFastway online service platform and be consigned as a firearm by ticking the “This consignment contains Firearms” checkbox.
  5. It is prohibited to consign a firearm using any other service or platform.
  6. Customers must complete a firearms transportation declaration form in duplicate for each item consigned.
  7. All firearms will be delivered using the Secure PIN delivery method
  8. Firearms cannot be addressed to a rural address or any address not directly serviced by Aramex New Zealand.
  9. Customers who hold a firearms licence but not a registered firearms dealer’s licence are prohibited from sending firearms with Aramex New Zealand.



It is vital all firearms are unloaded and no ammunition is ever transported with the firearm. It is illegal to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Air guns / rifles are considered by Aramex as a firearm and are therefore included in this policy.

Firearms cannot be addressed care of an Aramex Regional Franchise depot.

Aramex cash sales are not permitted for the transportation of Firearms.

It is prohibited to lodge a Firearm with the Aramex Parcel Connect network.

The transportation of legal firearm parts is not prohibited in the Aramex network.

All class 1 Dangerous Goods - Explosive which includes but is not limited to 1.4s Cartridges, small arms, are prohibited for transport in the Aramex network.


For  more information on the transportation of firearms through the Aramex New Zealand network please contact your local Aramex Regional Depot.