SMS & Online Security

Aramex New Zealand has been made aware of a scam currently circulating on Facebook marketplace. These messages provide vague details to the recipient to pay unpaid charges for the collection of the item they are selling on marketplace.

Aramex New Zealand has also been made aware of a series of SMS and email phishing campaigns currently circulating in some regions across the country.

These messages do not specifically mention Aramex and some do; however, they do provide vague details to the recipient to either collect a parcel from their nearest depot, pay unpaid customs charges or provide additional address details to ensure parcel delivery.

If you receive a message that you believe is unauthentic or fits the above-mentioned criteria, please ensure you do not click on the supplied link and that you immediately escalate this to the Department of Internal Affairs.

Details on how to go about escalating phishing messages can be found here.

Please note, Aramex New Zealand does not send out delivery alerts via SMS & we will never request Credit Card details via SMS. 

Below is an example of a fraudulent email that is circulating. Should you receive this message or anything similar please report and delete it.





  • If you are suspicious of an email or SMS do not click on the link.
  • Check the sender address is legitimate, system generated emails from Aramex NZ are typically from [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Never give out your personal details if the request does not come from a legitimate source.
  • Report any unusual activity to your local depot.