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Sponsorship extension of 'The Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series' until 2026


We’re proud to announce our sponsorship extension of ‘The Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run’ series for an additional three years. The series is a walk or run event that provides a fun and relaxed environment for Kiwis of all ages to experience the best of New Zealand’s trails. The series promotes the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, whilst celebrating inclusion by creating an event that is catered to a large demographic, with a mix of short and long courses to choose from.

"Witnessing the series' year-on-year growth and acknowledging the dedicated efforts of the SMC events team, we're confident in the continued success of the series and we’re huge fans of the community engagement involved at every event. Thank you for your support so far, and here's to a future of well-being and shared achievements. Let's continue this incredible journey together!" says CEO of Aramex New Zealand, Mark Little.


The series has just launched its schedule for 2024, with added trails and landmark locations. If you're interested in attending any of the events, tickets are available now via kiwiwalkrun.co.nz.

We caught up with Lauren Watson, Manager of the Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series, who had this to say about extending our partnership, "The success of the Aramex Kiwi Walk & Run Series is by in large, due to Aramex’s encouragement and support. Their backing has been critical in these COVID years to establish a community event that gets people outdoors, into nature, away from the asphalt! We have truly enjoyed working with the Aramex staff to shape the event’s unique design – we like to think of ourselves as one big team! The Aramex Jaffa’s were even rated the no.1 pitstop of the series by the participants! Now, with the extension of the further 3-year term, we are excited about growing the series even further, and see what we can collectively provide to get the people of NZ to get out and enjoy our beautiful country."


We look forward to seeing you out there and exploring all the beautiful trails New Zealand has to offer. 


For more information on the series, click here