Business closed process

We cannot redirect your freight that is already in our network

We would like remind all senders of freight to not send to business addresses that are closed due to the Alert Level restrictions put in place by the Government due to COVID-19.

Aramex do not have the facilities to store this freight.

Please note the impact of any freight that is sent to businesses that are closed;

1. We cannot offer a redirection or RTS service. Freight will be held at one of our facilities awaiting for alert levels to be eased.

2. We do not offer a guaranteed delivery service as soon as the business address does open when alert levels ease. This is because;

a. When alert levels ease many businesses start sending their orders that have built up over a period of time.

b. This naturally puts further pressure on our delivery network as it stands.

c. Many of the held business deliveries are bulk deliveries and require special one off trips to deliver the freight.

3. We will commence delivery of the items as soon as we can filter them into our network. We will deliver them from oldest to newest freight received into our facilities where possible.

To avoid any delays or frustrations we ask customers to not send freight to businesses that are closed.