Sending parcels

Are there any items you don't carry?

We’re unable to accept dangerous goods, as per our Conditions of Carriage.

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are goods that are dangerous, flammable, explosive, volatile, offensive or are of a damaging nature in the eyes of the Aramex New Zealand Franchisee. Usually, dangerous goods have a dangerous good label on them.

Restrictions also apply to certain types of goods we carry. These goods are specified in our Conditions of Carriage.

Are there any other restrictions that may apply to my goods?

We don't accept perishable items for transport within our network. However, if you still want Aramex New Zealand to carry perishable goods then we can do so, but this will be at your risk – no limited liability coverage is included.

Perishable items are goods that are subject to spoilage or decay such as food stuff or plants.  We don't accept parcels that have a dead weight or cubic weight over 25kg.

To view the full list of restricted goods, please view our Conditions of Carriage for more information.