Receiving parcels

What if I'm unable to sign for the delivery?

If you're unable to sign for your parcel, we're able to leave the parcel in a secure place at your address without a signature. Before we can do this, you’ll need to complete the Authority to Leave form located on the back of the Calling card you received.

Why would I complete an Authority to leave form?
You might decide to complete an Authority to leave form if you're unable to sign for your parcel.  For example, you might be at work.

Who’s liable if the parcel gets lost, stolen or damaged?
When you complete an Authority to leave form, Fastway Couriers are not liable for any loss or damage to the parcel.  On the Calling card, you should specify a secure place for your parcel to be left.

How do I have all my parcels delivered without a signature?
If you'd like all future parcels to be left without a signature, please complete this form and provide it to your Courier Franchisee, or email it to your local depot.

When you order your items online, make sure you include clear instructions to leave it without a signature.