Whanganui courier Aramex delivers both parcels and injured birds


A Whanganui courier company has not only been in full swing delivering customers' online orders, but also couriering injured birds across the region.

Aramex Couriers, formerly Fastway, has been delivering and picking up injured birds for the last eight years.


Aramex regional franchisee Graham Clarke and his wife Denise said they were approached a number of years ago to ask whether they would courier birds if they were paid.


Clarke doubled down, offering to transport the injured birds free.

"We don't see why should charge, we are just giving back.

"We've couriered all sorts of birds, ranging from hawks, native pigeons and penguins. Especially the natives. If they survive, they survive. But we are giving them the best chance."

Three Aramex branches - Whanganui, New Plymouth and Palmerston North - have all got behind the idea and the couriers collect and deliver injured birds while they are on the job.

Dawn Morton, of Bird Rescue Wanganui Manawatu Trust, said she simply doesn't have the time to pick up injured birds and Aramex provides an incredible service.


"We have 110 birds here at the moment," Morton said.

"I don't go anywhere. I have to feed and clean all of them.

"I'd be chewing my hair out and quitting without Graham and Denise."

Clarke said Morton knows she can call any time and they will do what they can.

"It's just something we can do to give back. The birds get top treatment and ride in the front seat."


Morton said under the arrangement with Aramex, people can ring the depots to let them know they have a bird for collection as well as dropping it into the depot themselves.


From the depot, Aramex drops off the birds at petrol stations around the area. From there, they are picked up to go with Morton to Turakina or by volunteers who take them to Palmerston North.

"All the non-natives stay with me," Morton said.

"All the natives go to Wildbase Hospital at Massey [University].

"They just don't have the time to be able to go out of their way to pick up for us."

Morton said if people do find injured birds and want Bird Rescue to look after them, they should notify Aramex as well as ensuring the birds are in a secure box so they can't escape. The box needs to have holes so the birds can breathe.

Morton said the service Aramex provides is "unbelievable" and the staff take great care of the birds when transporting them.

"They are wonderful. I can't speak highly enough of them."