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Taradale Primary School students gift sneakers to great cause


Taradale Primary school students have donated nearly 250 pairs of sneakers as part of a social enterprise initiative called Lazy Sneakers.

Lazy Sneakers was set up in 2017 by Maia Mariner, when she was just 12 years old.

The students handed over their old sneakers today to Aramex courier driver Sanjeev Kumar which will be delivered to Maia in Wellington. She will then distribute the sneakers to children who are less fortunate and don’t have sneakers of their own.

In 2017 Maia observed that some of her peers could not participate in sports because they didn’t have the appropriate footwear, so she set about finding a solution.

Since the project has started, she has been able to provide thousands of reusable good condition sneakers for children, student athletes, families and social services. 

Aramex chief executive Scott Jenyns said the courier delivery company was approached by Taradale Primary School to see if they could get the much needed sneakers to Maia in Wellington, who then distributes to those in need.

“How could we say no to these very generous students. It’s such an amazing concept that a young leader has created and its captured the imagine of other young students such as those at Taradale Primary School.

“We’re thrilled to be asked to deliver the sneakers to Maia.”