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Fastway Couriers change over to Aramex


Over 300 couriers across New Zealand are in double celebration mode today.

Friday November 22 marks National Courier Day for Aramex New Zealand, formerly Fastway, as well as the completion of the transition from the traditional Fastway Couriers blue colours to red and the global brand Aramex.

Fastway Couriers was first established in Hawke’s Bay in 1983. The company expanded across New Zealand, and as at today operates with 18 regional franchisees and over 300 courier franchisees and drivers with a network that services the far north to the Bluff in the South Island. Fastway also went global developing a strong market presence in Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

Aramex New Zealand chief executive Scott Jenyns said the transition from Fastway to Aramex, which was announced in July had been a huge project which included rebranding over 300 vehicles, all regional offices and depots along with the national office based in Napier.

“The changeover has been a massive effort by the national and global support office team but also on the ground across New Zealand by our regional franchise business owners and their teams. It’s great that we can celebrate National Courier Day with the completion of the rebrand project.

“It was made all the easier because our nationwide team of couriers, regional support staff and management can see the major upside of taking on a global brand name that is considered one of the top 5 logistic providers in the world that transports over 70 million parcels globally every year,” Mr Jenyns said.

Fastway New Zealand was bought by the Dubai based logistics group Aramex in January 2016 for $125 million. Aramex has a presence in 72 countries and Mr Jenyns said the name change creates a seamless delivery network across the world as well as increasing delivery channels into New Zealand for global e-commerce retailers.

“Internationally Aramex can now tell its large global customer base that the company has a strong presence in New Zealand and that we can seamlessly deliver parcels to and from New Zealand under the Aramex brand.

Aramex New Zealand is preparing for its busiest part of the year with explosive growth of online retail sale campaigns like Cyber Monday and Black Friday being a lead in to Christmas and then Boxing day sales.

“2019 is set to be our busiest Christmas yet with an expected 33 percent increase in deliveries. We know that convenience is king, so we’ve laid strong foundations and have been investing in resources to make sure our fleet meets demand and helps New Zealand buyers and sellers move and receive their goods in an efficient and timely manner over the next few weeks as we lead into Christmas,” says Mr Jenyns.

He adds, Aramex New Zealand would continue to retain its unique franchise business model, first developed by the company in 1983.

“Our local ownership model is what sets us apart in New Zealand, but we now have the added benefit of gaining a global mindset with access to new innovations, new technologies and new shipping destinations.

“This is a major step forward for our local franchise operators but also for many New Zealand businesses that either export products to the world or import to New Zealand.

“The parcel and delivery industry has changed dramatically over the past 36 years, which started as a business to business offering but today over 80 percent of parcel movements are smaller than 3 kilograms and delivered to residential properties due to online retail,” said Mr Jenyns.