Maylene And Charlie

Aramex Rotorua passionately supports Red Nose Appeal for Cure Kids


A Rotorua couple and their regional franchise is passionately supporting a cause that tugs on the heart strings, and is encouraging the community to get involved.

Since 2016, Aramex New Zealand (formerly Fastaway Couriers) have taken part in the Red Nose Appeal each year.

This year, Aramex has decided to use one of their largest assets – the satchel – to support the fundraising appeal, redesigned by Cure Kids ambassador Mela and her sister Boe.

Cure Kids has invested more than $55 million in New Zealand research to help shape and vastly improve the way children who live with serious diseases and health conditions are diagnosed and treated, including a wide range of genetic conditions and neurological disorders to help kids like Mela.

With a goal of raising $75,000 in much needed funds for Cure Kids, 50 cents from each satchel bought during the month of July will be donated to Cure Kids. The satchel is available to buy in A3 and A4.

Aramex Regional Franchise owners Charlie and Maylene Papuni of Aramex Rotorua, servicing the greater Taupō and Whakatāne regions, will be working with their motivated team of couriers and staff to support the Red Nose Appeal for Cure Kids.

Charlie and Maylene say, "Supporting our Cure Kids fundraiser means ensuring our kids can receive the very best care you could ever imagine no matter where they live.

"Also our investment in science will help speed up research and turn it into ground-breaking treatments and cures."

Maylene says they encourage the local community to get behind the fundraising appeal.

She says their staff have also been heavily involved by distributing Cure Kids brochures to all of their customers to help raise awareness.

"When children are sick it brings tears to everyone, no matter what their illness is.

"People have been willing out there to support us 100 per cent, and knowing it's going to go on and help with future breakthroughs."

Scott Jenys, chief executive of Aramex New Zealand, says the work Cure Kids does is second to none and donations are vital to ensure this continues well into the future.

"Aramex is encouraging Kiwis to send their parcels throughout the month of July to support Cure Kids, as they continue to go above and beyond to support the children of New Zealand," says Scott.

Cure Kids ambassador 11-year-old Mela was diagnosed with an incredibly rare condition called Moebius syndrome just hours after birth.

Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological condition that primarily affects the muscles that control facial expression and eye movement. This meant that Mela's face was paralysed and her eating and breathing were affected.

A resilient and courageous child, Mela didn't give up the fight. She started to gain weight and thrive, and is now doing amazingly well.

In 2018, Mela went ahead with a specialised surgery to give her a 'smile'. This involved taking a large muscle out of her leg and implanting it in her face.

The other side was completed in 2019, with Mela's smile bigger and brighter than ever.

The Cure Kids satchels can be bought through regional Aramex franchises, with a list of locations available at

You can call the Rotorua office on (07) 348 0677.