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Aramex New Zealand Delivering for you


At a national level, Aramex New Zealand chief executive Scott Jenyns said the company was working hard to deliver essential goods across New Zealand. 

While the essential businesses list was extended further this week to include online sale of some goods, Aramex New Zealand was prioritising the delivery of perishable and pharmaceutical goods to those that need them most.

Jenyns said since going into lockdown last week, there has been a significant reduction in volumes.

He was keen to work with the Government to look at how logistic services can be supported to continue with no gaps in networks across New Zealand. 

"Logistic companies are working hard and in very trying times [and] we are expected to move essential goods as timely as possible, but we also have immediate stresses on our businesses."

"We would welcome a forum with Government officials to discuss our challenges and ensure we can maintain timely supply of goods for New Zealanders."