To help provide you, our customers, with clarification around the impact of Level 3 Lockdown for Auckland and Level 2 for the rest of New Zealand on Aramex New Zealand services, we have developed a list of key ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.


1. Is Aramex New Zealand an essential business?

Aramex New Zealand falls under the transport sector which is classified as  an essential business under the New Zealand COVID-19 government regulations. This extends to our Regional Franchisees, Couriers Franchisees and road linehaul contractors who provide services on behalf of Aramex. 

As a united network, we’ll continue to work hard to be your link to the rest of New Zealand through our local, nationwide and international pick-up and delivery service. 


2. What services will you continue to offer during the Level 2 & 3 Lockdown?

Aramex New Zealand will continue to operate our courier pickup and delivery services. Under the COVID-19 government guidelines. For more information please visit the government Covid-19 website.​ 


 3. What services will not be operating?

The current situation poses a number of operational limitations and challenges and therefore impacts some of our national services. 

For Auckland at Alert Level 3; 

  • We’re suspending Saturday delivery service nationally 
  • We’re suspending domestic airfreight services until further notice 
  • We’re suspending all Parcel Connect services until further notice 
  • All same day delivery services, both locally and regionally are suspended until further notice 

For the rest of New Zealand at Alert Level 2; 

  • We’re suspending Saturday delivery service nationally 
  • We’re suspending domestic airfreight services until further notice 
  • All same day delivery services, both locally and regionally are suspended until further notice 


4. Are there any restrictions on sending items to Auckland while the regions at Alert Level 3?

MBIE have confirmed that you can send non-essential items to Auckland while they remain at Alert Level 3 however, you cannot send to a business that is unable to operate under Alert Level 3. 


5. Are there any restriction on sending items to the rest of New Zealand while they are at Alert Level 2?

We are not currently placing restrictions on the type of freight that can move through our network under Alert Level 2, however, we do ask all customers to hold off on sending freight to businesses within the region that may remain closed at Alert Level 2. 

6. Can I send perishables during Level 2 or 3 Lockdown?

We request that customers who send perishable items confirm the intended delivery address will be open to accept the delivery. Our Courier Franchisee’s will follow the standard authority to leave protocols for all perishable items collected for delivery. 


7. What will happen if I send a parcel to a business address that cannot be delivered?

To avoid delays or frustrations we ask customers to not send to a business address if there is a chance they are not able to operate during Level 3 Lockdown. 

If freight is sent to a business address and can not be delivered the impact to that item(s) will be; 

1. We cannot offer a redirection to RTS service. Freight will be held at one of our facilities awaiting for alert levels to be eased 

2. We do not offer a guaranteed delivery service as soon as the business address does open when alert levels ease. This is because;

      a. When alert levels ease many businesses start sending their orders that have built up over a period of time 

      b. This naturally puts further pressure on our delivery network as it stands 

      c. Many of the held business deliveries are bulk deliveries and require a special one off trip to deliver the freight 

3. We will commence delivery of the items as soon as we can filter them into our network. We will deliver them from oldest to newest freight received into    our facilities where possible 


If you have clarified a business is open and able to receive freight under Alert Level 3 then please ensure there are clear delivery instructions on the parcel. If you are a business that is open but may look closed from the outside please have a sign-up stating you are 'Open to receive courier deliveries'.

For your convenience we have developed a sign for this here for you which you can download and print, then display at your business clearly for the driver to see.


8. Should I expect service delays?

Yes. There are impacted services nationwide, therefore our normal service standards will not apply. For daily service updates please visit 


9. What precautionary safety measures are being put in place for Courier Franchisees and at the depot?

We have implemented a number of preventative measures throughout the network  to restrict the spread of COVID-19. This includes but is not limited to additional daily cleaning, as well as providing courier franchisees and depot staff with strict hygiene and physical distancing rules, support and advice. 

If couriers or staff develop flu-like symptoms such as a fever, sore throat or are feeling unwell, they will be asked to leave their place of work immediately, contact  their local GP and not return to work until they possess a valid medical certificate. 


10. I still don't feel comfortable signing for a parcel. What measures do you have in place to avoid this?

We have put into place our contactless pickup and delivery measures, to ensure we comply with the governments social distancing protocols. This contact free solution will continue to provide our customers with a safe and convenient way to send and deliver parcels. 


11. Can you tell me more about contactless pick up and delivery procedures?

We have developed a contactless delivery option due to the COVID-19 situation. In cases where signatures are required the following procedures apply; 

  • The Courier Franchisee must alert the customer of their arrival by knocking on the door then stepping back to create a 2-metre distance 
  • The Courier Franchisee will then complete the delivery by using a special COVID-19 contactless signature check box 
  • If the customer is not home, they will follow an Authority to Leave- COVID-19 process whereby the Courier Franchisee will place the item in a safe place and take a photo as proof of delivery 

If there is no visible safe place to leave the item, an Aramex New Zealand Calling Card will be left providing further details on how you can arrange a redelivery. 

Contactless pickup options act in a similar fashion. 

  • The Courier Franchisee will identify themselves 
  • Ask the customer to place the item down and step back 2 meters. 
  • The Courier will then complete the pickup and scan the item. 


12. How do I notify my local depot that I will be continuing to operate as an essential service?

Please contact your local depot to confirm that your  business  is  an  essential service continuing to operate under the COVID-19  legislation. To enable us to effectively manage freight during this time, we also encourage you to confirm expected volume projections or any temporary changes in your delivery needs. 

Please coordinate with your team to include one response per business. Any information shared will remain completely confidential. Please also nominate one key person within your business whom we should reach out to as a first point of contact. 


13. I am an Aramex New Zealand customer; how do I know if my business is classified as an essential service?

Essential services and their supporting functions, such as supply chain, will continue to provide necessities of life for New Zealand residents. 

It is important to note that we cannot, and will not, make any representations or decisions on what is deemed an essential business. We will automatically assume that any customers who continue to use our service have considered their business activities and have deemed their business to be essential. 

Aramex New Zealand and its related companies and franchise network will not be liable for any work performed for a business that was incorrectly deemed as essential. The onus is on all customers to assure themselves they can continue to operate and send freight. 

To confirm if your business falls in the essential services category, view the government Covid-19 website. 


14. Will my local depot be operating the same hours while we are in Level 2 or 3 Lockdown?

Your Aramex New Zealand depot may be operating under reduced hours. Please check your local depot page for COVID-19 trading hour information. 

15. Will my local depot be open for collection under Level 2 or 3 Lockdown? 

For Auckland in Alert Level 3 all depot reception areas will be closed until further notice and therefore, collections will not be permitted. 

If your parcel was unable to be delivered, please arrange a re-delivery via our website. Alternatively, you can create a standing Authority to Leave and specify your preferred safe location for parcels to be left. 

For the rest of New Zealand in Alert Level 2 Aramex depots are open for pick-ups, and cash sales are now prohibited. All customers must wait outside the depot while adhering to social distancing guidelines and will be able to collect and send parcels in a contactless manner.  


16. Can I collect my parcel from my local Parcel Connect agent?

If your region is under Alert Level 3, all Parcel Connect sites will remain closed until further notice. 

If your region is under Alert Level 2 Parcel Connect agents are able to re-open. All pick-ups and drop offs through a Parcel Connect agent will also adhere to Aramex New Zealand’s contactless pick-up and delivery policies. 


17. Do you have any contactless sending platforms we could implement during this time?

We recommend customers to utilise our electronic sending platform, MyFastway, for a contactless and streamlined sending process during level 4 lockdown. 

The myfastway portal is: 

  • Easy-to-use 
  • Simple and fast to sign up 
  • Self service 
  • Fully electronic 
  • Able to upload funds in an instant 
  • Suitable for businesses large and small 
  • Designed to print labels from any printer 


Our couriers are ready and can collect your parcels from your business or home address. If you are  
on the essential services list and would be interested in using our MyFastway platform, please sign up via or email us on